About Us


Located in the heart of Vancouver, BC and surrounded by an amazing multicultural community and a variety of Artisanal Shops, is Sweet Cherubim.

Sweet Cherubim Organic and Natural Food Store, Bakery, and Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant was founded in 1980 by Kulwant Bagga and family, with the motto that if we buy bulk, make products ourselves we can offer our customer better quality food at affordable price.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide value to our customers and stakeholders through organic and natural vegetarian foods, satisfying employment to our staff and service to the mankind by supporting the health, economy and environment of our community.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to become Canada's favourite natural food store and restaurant.

Our Ethical Initiatives & Practices:

Our ethical initiatives and practices include: • More than half of our products are manufactured or grown in British Columbia. • Most of them are made-in house. • None of our products contain meat, eggs, fish, fowls, or seafood, thus reducing the use of fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, water, water pollution, and deforestation. • We promote good health and clean living through our knowledgeable staff and healthy products. 

What is in Sweet Cherubim:

On Sweet Cherubim's restaurant side, you can find a variety of delicious foods and bakery items that are 100% vegetarian and made with the freshest and healthiest ingredients to satisfy your hunger. In the store side of Sweet Cherubim, you can find a huge collection of vitamins, herbs, spices, homeopathic remedies, certified organic produce and groceries, and much more!

At Sweet Cherubim buying organic & natural food is easy, inexpensive, and our friendly staff are always available to help you!


Love dining outdoors? Try Sweet Cherubim's patio. Pair great food with a quiet atmosphere and you will find that food tastes even better when enjoyed on our lovely patio. Whether you're celebrating something special or just in the mood for something healthy and delicious, Sweet Cherubim is the place to go. Despite our location on one of Vancouver's busiest streets, the secluded patio makes you feel as though you're in a garden outside of the city. Our home-made wholesome salads, samosas, sandwiches, entrees, soups, desserts, fresh juices and smoothies will make your visit memorable. While you enjoy the warm air, you will wistfully dream that this moment could last forever. The patio is open from morning until evening.